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About YOGA Flow with Lenka

Hello! And Welcome! My name is Lenka Valinhas and I founded “YOGA flow with Lenka” in 2018.  After I finished my 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training in Vinyasa flow I trained also in Antenatal and Chair yoga with Durga Yoga Ireland. Then in Restorative Yoga with Puja Yoga and Yoga for Children with Yoga Therapy Ireland. Right after I completed my training, I started to teach a couple of classes a week in local yoga and pilates studios and have been teaching since. I have experience in teaching private and corporate classes as well.


How did the love story start? The first time I came across yoga was at work, when a sedentary life style and a stressful environment started to take a toll on my health, and I was seeking for something to calm me down. I took a yoga class where I fell in love with the physical aspect of it, then the meditation, the breath work and wanted to learn more about the philosophy behind yoga. I have been practicing over a decade and tried various styles.


Why do I do it? For me Yoga has become an important and empowering tool in my everyday life. Showing up for the yoga practice allows me to spend time with my body, mind and emotions, which is not always easy and it would not naturally happen in my fast-paced living. Those moments bring great awareness to what is going on in my inner world and through the observations I am learning to be more compassionate and kinder with myself which ripples to the outside world. Every time I step on the mat the experience is a little different and that is teaching me to accept where I am at the given moment.

And what else do I do? I am a mother of 3 small children, happily married, student of life, with many interests and a passion for learning. I am fascinated by human body-mind, psyche, energy medicine, homeopathy, and yoga philosophy. I also trained as a vet, reflexologist and various energy healings. I love life, nature, our beautiful planet Earth and the alchemy of Universe within and without.   


Yoga in its meaning is to unite, to connect the various aspects of oneself to bring wholeness of body-mind and spirit. Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual practice for everyone, which originated about 5000 years ago in India.

It is about union, about connecting body, mind and spirit and although we know it nowadays mainly in a form of physical practice, placing ourselves in all those funny poses called “asanas”, it has a whole wonderful philosophy and can be embraced as a life style.


The main benefits are improved flexibility, strength and posture, reduced stress and anxiety levels, enhanced feeling of well-being, breathing and cardiovascular function, a calmer mind, better quality of sleep and many, many more. I believe it really works as I have been experiencing it’s powers for over a decade.

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