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Classes, Workshops & Sessions

What do I have for you? You can choose from Vinyasa, Restorative and Antenatal classes that are online or recorded so you can practice anywhere and easily incorporate yoga practice into your busy life. They will make you feel great, as they are original, well sequenced, fun, challenging but also calming and relaxing. I will be there to guide you through your experience no matter what level is your practice.        

Still not sure which class is the right one for you do not hesitate to contact me,
I am happy to chat ;)          


We are flowing with it and moving online!
Join our online yoga classes Zoomed directly to the comfort of your home.
Please check our schedule.




This flow style yoga is a breath-synchronized movement based on a sequence of yoga poses called “asanas” that are intelligently and authentically combined in a flow that might even feel like a dance. It can be practiced with music and using props and practiced at various paces and levels. It is traditional but still fun! Can be practiced from slow and subtle practice to power cardio flow. Because there is no set sequence of poses the practice can be very original, fun and different every time. The main benefits are an improvement of balance, strength, and endurance, while a faster paced practice can feel like a cardio workout, can help with weight loss and lowers stress and anxiety, increases stamina and energy levels.




This yoga practice based in yoga practice traditions was created to meet the needs of the mom-to-be changing body. Practices are tailor made to enhancing strength, flexibility, lowering stress and anxiety levels and at the same time developing awareness of their own body while connecting deeply to your growing baby. Breathing techniques, movement and voice releasing practices empower women on their way through the birthing process and post-natal recovery. It is a fantastic opportunity to continue physical practice suitable for the various stages of pregnancy, build up confidence in preparation for birth, get reassurance by becoming a part of community when meet other moms-to-be, who are going through the same experience and become part of the community on the journey through pregnancy and beyond.  

Pregnancy Yoga
Yoga by the Sea

Restorative yoga is traditionally practiced in dark, warm, quiet environment having your body supported while staying in the poses for prolonged time and allowing your muscles and mind to relax and switch from fight-flight to rest-digest state. Series of traditional yoga poses that are held for prolonged period of time to invoke deep relaxation, bring balance to an over stimulated mind and nervous system, lower anxiety and deeply relax muscles through passive stretching. It is practiced in a calm, safe, dark and warm environment with plenty of props, like cushions, blocks, bolsters, covers, belts and more to enable your body and mind to relax deeply, replenish and restore your energy levels. It provides a space for healing and rejuvenation of your whole being. This is a beautiful practice that everyone will benefit in nowadays fast paced and hurried world.



Our private sessions are a great opportunity to deepen your practice, regain confidence, commence or restart your yoga practice with the comfort and safety of a private setting. Can be one on one or as a private group session. The practice will be tailor made and adapted to your needs so you can benefit the most from yoga. I am willing to travel to meet you in person or online, do not hesitate to contact me for more details.

Gyan Mudra



Corporate classes are a great way how to implement fitness at work and encourage your employees to move physically during the working day.
Yoga practice at lunch time or before work rapidly lowers stress levels, increases productivity, breaks the sedentary day cycle, promotes a relaxed atmosphere in the workplace as the peaceful sensation after the practice has a ripple effect on the environment. I can offer flexible schedule and length of classes.  Please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss further details. 


Currently our workshops are not taking place and will be back as soon as the situation resolves.
Please check back or contact me to be put on the list for Workshops.
I run 2 hours Restorative Yoga workshops, series focused on chakras or body areas.

Outside Yoga

*Nevertheless the fact that yoga is for everyone make sure that especially when practicing at home you find a suitable class for your level and pay attention to your body condition and response during the physical practice without overexerting yourself or increasing risk of harming yourself.

Please make sure to read in full the Terms & Conditions form
before taking your first class. 

Keep your eyes open for updates, there is much more coming soon!  :) 

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