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Are you ready for the Strawberry Fullmoon and Eclipse season?

Today 5th June the Strawberry Full Moon in Sagitarius and Eclipse is happening now. We are entering the eclipse season which is going last for next 6 weeks. With the planets as they are organised and moving the things are going to get more intense....Can that be even possible in already very intense 2020, right? ;)

It is time to let go of what does not serve you anymore and shift your focus on to what you WANT to bring into your life. How do you want your life to look like after this shift. You can hold a little fire ceremony, give offerings, simply light a candle or take a moment Moon gazing to connect with our beloved Grandmother Moon being present with your intention of what you want to manifest in your life sending it out to Universe. The eclipses magnify also the power of the Moon. Enjoy this time of expansion, change, bringing light into the darkness, loving and embracing your own shadows and your life journey <3

I would like to invite to you to be even more loving and caring and kind to yourself and from there you will be able to ripple that love to others.

And I ask you: How are you supporting yourself through these times? Do you take time for yourself, spend few minutes of your day to notice how you feel, how you breathe, what is going for you and how influenced by the outside in that experience are you?

Don't wait to feel low or overwhelmed, join our yoga classes if that feels right, you will feel uplifted, more present, more connected to yourself, expanded and supported. There are many benefits to practicing yoga. Check our website for details

Have a great Full Moon and Eclipse season! We are all one!

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