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Are you ready to Rest-ore yourself?

So as the saying says: If the mountain won't come to Muhammad, Muhammad must go to the mountain. Let’s do that and bring you the Restorative class to the comfort of your home.

Restorative Yoga is highly beneficial practice, easily accessible and effective in switching the stress response of your body from flight-fight-freeze to the rest-digest-reproduce state. It can be challenging at first especially for the doers and intense thinkers out there but yoga practice trains the mind as well as the body. And the sensation of calm feeling or rejuvenation after the practice needs to be experienced.

This practice is great in the studio full of props like blocks, bolsters, belts, blankets, cushions, etc…but we are at home so let’s think out of the box about the props to be used.


Talking about traditional blocks used during the yoga asana practice think of bricks. They can be replaced by either chunky books like dictionaries or encyclopaedia or piled up books that feel stable enough to lean on. Bolsters:

Bolsters are the largest of the props. Thinking of how to replace them to have something that is bulky and supporting enough I got and idea of using a sofa/couch cushion, or rolled up single duvet, for smaller bolster can be used a sleeping bag, rolled blankets or pile of 2 or 3 longer pillows wrapped up in a blanket so they are not sliding of each other.

Eye pillows:

To cover your eyes, you can use a scarf or a classical eye mask used on airplanes for example. I find it nice to have a little bit of weight on the eye balls as it encourages the parasympathetic nerves relaxation you can make a DIY one by half filling a longer sock with rice making a nod at the end.


Those can be replaced by pieces from your wardrobe like ties, rolled up long shawls or scarves, or dressing gown belts. They can always be tied together to obtain the desired length.


I guess we all find few cushions around the house, it is good to have few same ones and then smaller for variety of support.


And these ones are quite easy to find as well. I like to have a selection for example a heavier one that is folded in rectangle, one that is fluffier and nice to be covered with and then one that is smaller and can be easily folder for under the head or rolled up under the ankles. You can also have one stretched on your mat for extra comfort or prevent you from getting cold.

All of those are just suggestions, do not get your imagination and creativity restricted by the tips above and explore what works the best for you. And of course, please do share with us your ideas and experience with us. And I will share with you what exactly you will need closer to your class or workshop depending on the sequence we will be doing.

Looking forward to see your lovely faces soon! :)

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