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Do a class, plant a tree!

Have you ever thought about the effect doing yoga has on you? There is sea of benefits that has been found and experienced by the yoga masters thousands of years ago and is experienced by us every day. By showing up for your practice, no matter if physical, breath work (pranayama), meditation, applying the wisdom of sacred yogic texts, Sutras and philosophy in your daily life or turning inwards to your awareness, YOU are serving not only to yourself but also to everyone else around you! I am sure that you can very well relate to that feeling of bliss, calm, that good tired feeling after your asana (physical) or meditation practice, which then reflects your state on the whole world around you. This ripple effect is a wonderful way how to make this world a better place through yourself. And there is even more to it, you are making a difference for out planet as well.

For each class you attend with us one tree planted. How is that possible? By the end of each month I do the calculation and from each class you do one tree is going to be planted by the Treesisters . These ladies not only contribute hugely to restoring nature by reforestation strategies but also they do a lot of work on feminine empowerment, reconnecting to nature, nature-based leadership programs and more.

Perhaps we will be able to plant our own forest at some stage, wouldn't that be amazing? Feel free to donate if you are called to and in meanwhile your presence in our yoga class plants a tree anyway. We are one, all is one! Namaste!

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