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Have you been feeling the emotions too? Full Moon in Pisces September 2nd 2020 @5.20am

As the first day of school was approaching I could feel a good dose of mixed emotions as excitement, frustration, compassion, anxiety, joy, anger, love, etc...Talking to other parents I learnt that I wasn’t the only one and then looking into the Full Moon in Pisces and other astro stuff that is going on it all made sense. So here is just a tiny snippet of it:

The Full Moon shines the light on our emotions and magnifies that we need to see which is always a wonderful opportunity to let go of feelings, experiences, beliefs, programming, etc. that does not serve us anymore and when the beautiful Grandmother Moon is in her wisdom of the sign of Pisces - the creativity, the dreamer, mystic, initiator, the last sign of the Zodiac with element of Water which is about the emotions and how we experience our emotions is expected to be magnified. You might want need to sleep more, have vivid dreams or moments of dreamy state during the day. Pisces feel a lot and can move within and doesn’t mind to be on its own diving into the feelings without dwelling in the victim or martyr mode when balanced. You might be already experiencing “aha” moments as your vision and understanding about your own sovereignty is getting clearer and the tendency to let go or surrender of those who cannot accept you the way you are. This lunar month in Virgo as Virgo is not only about perfectionism, practicality but also about self-care, healthy lifestyle, well being, as an Earth sign Virgo is focused on connection with own body you might be experiencing the feelings and emotions as they arise even more powerfully in your body.

Talking about emotions, interestingly enough the Corn Full Moon in Chinese medicine affects the Gall Bladder, which is paired with Liver and that is linked to the emotions of frustration, resentment and anger (more on the anger in my next blog post) when the energy in this organ is stagnant or excessive. You might experience these emotions prior to the Full Moon already and several days after it peaks at the Full Moon itself. To release and move the charge in your body join us for some yoga, which is a safe way how to move the energy as Emotion = energy in motion.

Check us on : Lets use this magical time to step into the role of the observer of what is happening around you and within you as learning about self, your inner wisdom as self awareness rising your awareness when approaching yourself with compassion, acceptance and love.

Much love, Lenka xx

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