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My first blog post ever… thank!

Updated: May 25, 2020

I have been thinking about starting a blog for a good while, feeling like I would like to share my thoughts, experiences, light bulb moments with others but at the same time I rather kept safe, hiding. I am going to be honest: I am afraid to speak in public, be exposed, judged and seen, like many people most probably, and I am aware of it. That was actually a reason why I trained to become a yoga teacher to kick myself out of my comfort zone, because during the yoga class I better say something, right? 😊 So, believe it or not, publishing the website and being in front of the camera is a big thing for me! This whole situation of pandemic and changes in the world felt at the beginning as a very good reason to make myself even more comfortable in the safety of my private den but as it seems the opposite is the truth. After surrendering in the comfort of excuses and keeping myself small, I accepted that I would not go online with my business. I don’t have a studio, heaps of students, time and space for teaching at home, it honestly felt all real at the beginning of the isolation. And then I was approached by some of my students (you know who you are Iva, Eleni and Mima) I am thankful for your trust, for your smiles at the end of the classes and for liking the yoga classes with me. I am very grateful to you for giving me that boost to start thinking of showing up for you online. I want to thank very much to Marcia, who put all her heart and so much work in making the website look fantastic. To Jakub who did my logo and mandalas for the website both exactly as I wanted. Big thanks also to my teachers, especially Paula for bringing me to yoga and teaching me and to all those those who believe in me and let me teach in their studios. Huge thanks to my friends supporting me. Nevertheless, the most of my thanks go to my kids and mainly to my husband who took the pictures of me and for putting up with me, my late nights at the computer, some moments of not being “there” completely, some frustration and excitement too…in the end, it’s all about the yoga off the mat, taking a breath, little bit of stretching, bending, accepting and learning from it all.

And because you are here on the website, you can probably see that I went with it. I literally joined my own flow which I was resisting for so long and every time very skillfully talked myself out of the ideas I had, including the one going with yoga online. So here I am, launching my website and finishing the last step – the Blog.

I feel a bit nervous about it, but it’s time for a change, isn’t it? So, it’s about doing stuff differently. This time I don’t want to be getting into a conversation with myself about future failures, having no one showing up for classes, not being good enough, etc….As you can see, not all people who teach yoga are enlightened and above it all 😊. I am excited, I am learning a lot and this time I am open to what the Universe has on that journey for me, I am looking forward to it, staying open to receive it. And how about you? Are you ready to do things differently? Maybe commit to yourself and to your yoga practice? Don’t forget to check the Classes website 😉 Looking forward to meeting you online or in person, on or off the mat. Much love, Lenka

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Andrea Porubszka
Andrea Porubszka
Jun 06, 2020

Sat Nam Lenka!

I'm so happy for you and your first blog is beautiful...I feel the way you felt, it is not easy to push yourself out of your comfort zone, but you did it, and you did it in a very charming and honest way!

Looking forward to your journey!

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