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New Moon, Solar Eclipse and Summer Solstice - doesn't that sound like there is a lot going on?

Wow! Are you also feeling it? Are you experiencing it? What are those around you experiencing? There is so much happening I don’t even know where to start...

All right, first things first. Saturday 20th June around 9:40pm (Irish time) the Summer Solstice, the Midsummer’s eve takes place as the Summer arrives (might not look like that looking through the window though) and the longest day and shortest night of the year happens. This is a magical time to celebrate arrival of more light, lit candles, joyful dancing and celebrating the Corn Mother Goddess or Ceres or Demeter and the spinning wheels of life.

And at 7.41am on Sunday morning 21st June there is a New Moon and the second Eclipse out the three in the row. The New Moon is drawing us inwards to the dark corners of ourselves which we usually do not explore as our own shadows might be too scary. Facing those shadows and looking them in the eyes is part of emotional maturing, growth and taking responsibility for what you feel, think and who you are. It’s time to accept you as whole. Give yourself that time to avoid any dis-ease.

The New Moon in the sign of Cancer is taking us even deeper into introspection about home, safety, security, nurturing and care of self and also of others. Are you noticing that you feel like cocooning, like you would do with some extra care and time for yourself? Make the time, it is very important to recharge your batteries, re-connect with the Mother within you, your physical mother and with the Mother Earth and be kind to yourself and other.

Several planets were already in retrograde and yesterday Mercury joined the gang as well. Which might be seen as time of trouble but I like to see it as time of slowing down, healing and taking time notice what we missed during the fast paced life style. And of course if we are resting that the interruptions in communication, traveling etc. happens with Mercury reversing. With the eclipse things are magnified and as the Moon (the inner, feminine) appears over the Sun (the outer, masculine) the subconscious is making itself know. What does that mean? Do you have old memories, thoughts, experiences you thought you have dealt with or already forgotten surfacing for you? It is all good, allow them to come out and then allow yourself to see them thought your new eyes, handle them differently and from the place of your heart. You are not who you were years ago. It is time to expand, move on and I like to see it as raising of the feminine principle, listening to the inner voice that inner tuition. This time of very auspicious and magical gateway to set intentions for the next 6 months. Are you focusing on what you don’t want? It’s time to flip this around. Focus on how you want your life to look like in 6 months time, focus on what you want, where you want to be. Where you attention flows, your energy goes!

There is a lot of change happening but look at it through positive eyes and it will be positive.

Hope this helps you to navigate through these challenging times. Have a wonderful Solstice, New Moon and Eclipse.

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